"ANASAZI: A Belonging Place"

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Red Barn Farms and ANASAZI Foundation

ANASAZI Foundation recently teamed up with Red Barn Farms to announce the ANASAZI Lodge, an ANASAZI Way-based transition program for young adults.

A Belonging Place

It is the mission of the Anasazi Foundation to prepare parents and children to turn their hearts toward one another, begin anew, and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world.
It is the purpose of this blog is to provide a collection of different stories, thoughts, opinions, ideas, and passions of those who have Walked at Anasazi, including, but not limited to, current and former Anasazi Staff, Anasazi YoungWalker/SinaguaWalker Alumni, and others who have been associated with the Anasazi Foundation, in order to continue to Walk Forward.
If you feel like the Anasazi Way could help heal your heart or any of your loved ones, please visit anasazi.org or call 480.892.7403.

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Nathan (Nate) Mitchell joined ANASAZI Foundation in 2010 as a shadow (family therapist). He worked previously for a Utah-based therapeutic boarding school, where he served as a therapist and developed the school’s drama-therapy program.

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